World’s First Space Hotel to Begin Construction in Low Earth Orbit in 2025


Everybody is on the lookout for the next travel destination. Who doesn’t want the bragging rights to discovering a brand-new travel destination? That’s not to mention all those cool photos and content for your social media handles. Finding new destinations to travel to used to be a lot harder in the past.

These days, with easily available Cox cable bundles, you can probably find a secret spot in the same town you lived in forever. But you may soon be able to travel to and stay in a whole other kind of destination: in low Earth orbit. Interested? Find out more below.

Space: A New Era in Tourism

Space has long been called the Final Frontier. A statement that claims humanity has progressed as far as it could in terms of discovering new areas of interest on Earth. And while it may be a bit premature to think of staying at the Four Seasons on Mars, humanity has indeed made staggering technological advances since the early space race.

The International Space Station is a great example of how far we have come. The multi-billion-dollar international station is essentially a high-tech lab located in lower Earth orbit. For the past few years, scientists and astronauts from several countries have traveled to the station to carry out experiments and studies.

Scientific value aside, the ISS is a stunning example of creating working structures to handle long-term stays in zero gravity. In other words, the ISS is proof that we do have the technology to create structures to house humans in space. A new space hotel in lower orbit, however, is an interesting take on this accomplishment.

Why Did We Not Have Space Hotels Before?

A space hotel is an ambitious project that would have been laughed at just a few decades ago. Space travel has consistently been one of the most expensive and unsustainable ways to launch humans into space. It was only recently that SpaceX and similar firms began testing out working versions of reusable rockets. The reusability slashes the costs to a large degree.

Conventionally, one rocket worth billions could only launch once. Now a single one can launch, re-enter orbit, land, and relaunch. The result is that it is far more realistic to transport people to space and back multiple times. This has encouraged companies to begin working on projects that could benefit from this. Such as a brand-new space hotel. The hotel itself promises to be an exciting turning point in both space travel as well as tourism and hospitality.

What We Know So Far

The company promising us a hotel stay in lower orbit by 2027 is Orbital Assembly Corporation. The biggest space installation of its kind, the Voyager Space Hotel is an attempt to create a one-of-a-kind destination for travelers who can afford it. While most design and tech details remain obviously confidential, we do know a few things about the upcoming hotel.

Construction on Voyager is expected to begin around 2025. As a hospitality destination, the Voyager is set to be equipped with nearly every amenity you can find in a 5-star hotel on Earth’s surface. It has its health spas, themed restaurants, cinemas, and several other fun and relaxing activities. In terms of functionality, Voyager is likely to be on par with the best luxury cruise ships. However, the biggest challenge is operating in zero or near-zero gravity. As a result, Voyager will be a circular platform with an artificially maintained rotation to imitate gravitational pull.

Whether or not Voyager becomes a must-see destination, the concept and sheer ambition certainly pique interest. Of course, it is only reasonable to expect that the price of staying on Voyager or ever traveling to it will be several times the size of the average traveling budget.

So, most of us will have to wait for cheaper modes of travel there. It may take a while for that to happen. But since Voyager is slated to start accommodating guests by 2027 at the earliest, there is plenty of time to hope.w


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