25 Top Ugly Disney Characters That Viewers Didn’t Appreciate Untill 2022


Characters from other cultures do not always have a Happily Ever After. They are not always as cute as Mickey Mouse. Even if the Ugly Disney Characters aren’t the main villain in a Disney film, they frequently get the short end of the stick.

Top 25 Ugly Disney Characters

Ugly Disney Characters
Ugly Disney Characters

The ugly Disney characters who don’t marry Prince Charming are not the ones who wind up with him. They’re not hard to come by, either. I can’t possibly count how many ugly Disney characters haven’t made it to the royal castle on my fingers.

1. Ursula – The Little Mermaid

From the instant she’s introduced, we know she’s a sea witch. A witch character isn’t usually associated with attractiveness; they are the polar opposite of traditionally beautiful Disney Princesses. Ursula is a heavier-set witch who overdoes it with the cosmetics when we see her for the first time. Prince Eric also thinks so.

2. Fates and Hercules – Hercules

Fates and Hercules

The Fates are not widely regarded as villains by the general public. They aren’t typically thought of as evil people because they are simply executing their duty, in general. However, that does not negate the fact that they are bratty toons.

Because they all have the same eye, they can all see into the future. Stringy hair is a common theme among them. They are all related in some way, but there is no blood involved.

3. Queen of Hearts- Alice in Wonderland

Queen of Hearts

The Queen of Hearts is a figure we hear a lot about throughout the film. She’s a red-faced, heavier-set lady when we get a good look at her. She looks like an animated Miss Trunchbull, only with a crown instead of the horned helmet.

4. Loretta Brown – Family Guy

Loretta Brown

Loretta Brown, the eponymous character in the Family Guy archetype, has a lot to say. She’s plump, has an odd gaze in her eyes, and has a huge head. Peter was so enraged by her that he murdered her with a brontosaurus skeleton he threw over his shoulder.

She has an almost incestuous relationship with her brother Jeffy, who is just as fat and with a block-shaped head.

5. Drizella Tremaine and Anastasia Tremaine – Cinderella

Drizella Tremaine and Anastasia Tremaine

These two have damaged the image of stepsisters everywhere, and young girls should avoid following in their footsteps. Not only do these leading ladies have large feet, but they also have largemouths.

They are always picking on Cinderella, tearing up a gown she made to go to a ball out of jealousy. The most horrible aspect about these two ugly Disney characters is their hatred for Cinderella and their vile personalities.

6. Scar – The Lion King

Scar – The Lion King

Scar trying to provoke Mufasa with his insults

The scar is Mufasa’s brother, who is less fortunate than him. He will go to any length to obtain his portion of the Kingdom and all of its advantages, which he believes he is entitled to. Scar commands a pack of hyenas, who are the bad guys, and plans to attack the lions.

The hyenas and Scar hatch a diabolical plot to get rid of Mufasa and seize control of the pride lands. The Lion King is one of Walt Disney Studios’ most lucrative movies. It has made over $968 million at the box office.

7. Uncle Ugo – Luca

Uncle Ugo - Luca

Uncle Ugo from Family Luca

When his mother asks him to take Luca to the ocean’s deepest caverns, Ugo consents. As a result of this area of his body, his internal organs are exposed. Ugo’s teeth are powerful enough to terrify young children.

8. Yzma – The Emperors New Groove

Yzma – The Emperors New Groove

Yzma from The Emperor’s New Groove

Yzma is the most hilarious character on this list, in my opinion. She is thin and sickly, with virtually no hair. Unlike the Queen of Hearts and Ursula, she lacks style.

She is not desired or pursued in a romantic manner by any other character. The Emperor’s New Groove is one of the many Disney films on our list, but it features some fantastic antagonists as well as unpleasant people.

9. Quasimodo – Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo – Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Quasimodo is one of the most adorable and charming but ugly Disney characters imaginable. He is a wonderful person who aims to do the best thing possible, but he was born with a back deformity that gives him an unsightly hunchback. Despite being considered ugly by fans, he remains one of the film’s favorite characters.

10. Edna Mode – The Incredibles

Edna Mode – The Incredibles

Edna Mode from The Incredibles standing tall with her hands on her hips

Edna is the type of person who exhibits tough love in your life. She’s overbearing and demanding, to say the least. The Disney figure is hilarious in films like The Incredibles and Incredibles 2, where he’s the ugly duckling!

Her taste in fashion isn’t great, but she does have a few nice outfits and large glasses.

11. Phil – Hercules

Phil – Hercules

Phil talking to Hercules

He’s a goat-man. He’s short, portly, and has a fiery temper to match his red hair. Only Hercules has the patience to deal with him.

12. Mother Gothel – Tangled

Mother Gothel – Tangled

Mother Gothel snarling in anger from the movie Tangled

In her natural state, Mother Gothel is an elderly lady with wrinkled skin and thinning silver hair. She can’t live without the magic in Rapunzel’s golden locks, which suggests she’s hundreds of years old.

Mother Gothel is a manipulative person who uses her acting talents to deceive and control Rapunzel.

13. Jafar – Aladdin

Jafar – Aladdin

Jafar and Iago on this shoulder from the movie Aladdin

Jafar is an example of such a person. He couldn’t get Princess Jasmine to marry him using his personality alone, and after many failures, he realized that he needed help.

Jafar, on the other hand, understands what he wants most is absolute power and control. His insatiable appetite for domination eventually proved to be his undoing. Jafar is one of the greatest characters to boo against.

14. Doug – Nickelodeon

Doug – Nickelodeon

The Doug TV series from Nickelodeon

Douglas Yancy is someone you should get to know. Funny has recently relocated to Bluffington with his parents, Phil and Theda, as well as his sister, Judy. Roger Klotz is one of Doug’s adversaries when he isn’t playing with his friends Skeeter, Patti, and Beebe.

Doug enjoys writing in his journal and fantasizing about being Quailman, a superhero.

15. Roz – Monsters Inc

Roz – Monsters Inc

Roz from Monsters Inc

Roz is one of the most famous ugly Disney characters. Her voice is unforgettable, and fans may hear it when they share her memes on social media. Roz is a gloomy slug-like figure with a red coat, pointy eyeglasses, and spiky gray hair who looks like a grumpy slug.

16. The Hag – Snow White

The Hag – Snow White

The Hag handing Snow White a poisoned red apple

The Hage is the queen of the dead that is also known as the Evil Queen. Snow White believes her to be an innocent visitor when she dons the Hage. The older woman with missing teeth bent over with a wrinkled nose and blonde hair appears as an intruder in Snow White’s kingdom.

The witch’s disguise works. Snow White is readily misled since she has a big heart and wants to look after others.

17. Randall – Monsters Inc

Randall – Monsters Inc

Randall from Monsters Inc talking with an employee

In the Pixar movie Monsters, Inc., Randall is Mike and Sully’s rival. He is forever competing to be the greatest scarer, no matter what it takes, in the series of feature films.

One of Randall’s favorite pastimes is scaring. Randall is a purple chameleon who, on occasion, transforms into an even more terrifying or deceptive form.

18. Hey Arnold – Nickelodeon

Hey Arnold – Nickelodeon

The Hey Arnold series from Nickelodeon

Craig Bartlett produced the American animated comedy television series, Hey Arnold! From October 7, 1996, through June 8, 2004, it aired on Nickelodeon. Arnold Shortman, a fourth-grader who lives with his grandparents in an inner-city tenement in Hillwood, Washington, is the focus of the episode.

His adventures navigating urban life while dealing with the challenges he and his pals face are the focus of the episodes. Many episodes, on the other hand, focus on other characters, with episodes dedicated to main, secondary, supporting, and even minor characters.

19. Smee – Peter Pan

Smee – Peter Pan

Smee from Peter Pan

Smee is a comedic relief in Peter Pan. He’s Captain Hook’s lackey. He’s short, overweight, and balding. Smee is your average cartoon middle-aged guy who is frequently malicious but has the potential to change his ways.

It’s a shame Tinker Bell can’t turn Smee into a young, dark, and gorgeous Prince with her magic.

20. LeFou – Beauty and The Beast

LeFou – Beauty and The Beast

LeFou from Beauty and the Beast

Lefou is Gaston’s comical and loyal buddy. He isn’t taken seriously by anybody. He’s extremely devoted to Gaston and will go to any length to keep him happy.

A short, hefty frame with a missing tooth and ratty brown hair is depicted.

21. Jumbo – Lilo and Stitch

Jumbo – Lilo and Stitch

Jumbo from Lilo and Stich

The strange Disney character known as Jumbo is the creature that brought stitch to Lilo and Stitch. Due to his resemblance to a hippo, most people are unaware of this unusual Disney figure, who was fashioned after a hippo and had big arms and legs! He’s sent to earth when he escapes in order for him to be found.

22. The Seven Dwarfs – Snow White

The Seven Dwarfs – Snow White

The Seven Dwarfs from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs film

Some people find the Seven Dwarfs to be unattractive, while others think they are cute. They’re a collection of rejects with various distinct traits.

Grumpy, Sneezy, Dopey, Doc, Bashful, Sleepy, and Happy are the names of the seven dwarfs in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. At Disney World, meet the Seven Dwarfs and make your own decision.

23. Forky – Toy Story 4

Forky – Toy Story 4

Bonnie holding up her new creation Forky from Toy Story 4

Bonnie made Forky from the ground up. He’s made out of a spork, popsicle sticks for legs held on by gum, and red pipe cleaners for his wavy arms.

Forky is a unique toy in that he feels like an outcast and attempts to flee, but Woody will not allow him because Bonnie has chosen him as her new favorite. He eventually realizes he’s where he belongs.

24. Madame Medusa – The Rescuers

Madame Medusa – The Rescuers

Madame Medusa on the phone from The Rescuers

Madusa recruits Penny from an orphanage to look for a diamond since her tiny stature makes her small enough to go into tight areas like a cave.

The matriarch of the family is Madame Madusa, a grayish light purple woman with bright crimson hair and green eyes.

25. Cruella De Vil – 101 Dalmatians

Cruella De Vil – 101 Dalmatians

Cruella De Vil looking at a photo of Pongo and Perdita with bad intentions

Cruell De Vil is a legendary bad guy who has short black and white hair. She also smokes frequently, which is a horrible habit. Cruella’s appearance and treatment of puppies make her one of the most loathed as well as ugly Disney characters.

Are there any other ugly Disney characters or cartoon couples that come to mind? These people stood out from the rest in a less-than-glamorous manner. They didn’t have good genes in their family.

Who are the ugliest Disney princes?

Kristoff, without a doubt, is the ugliest prince of all time.

What is the most obscure Disney character?

Dumbella Duck is the wife of Larry. According to a 1938 Donald Duck cartoon called “Donald’s Nephews,” Dumbella is Donald’s sister.

Who is the most annoying Disney character?

And there are other people, like Darla. There’s also someone who may be the most aggravating Disney character of all time: Darla from Finding Nemo.

Who is the weakest princess?

The weakest is probably Aurora, with Mulan coming in at the top. Not sure about that. Elsa, Anna, and Ariel seem to be somewhat stronger, and she isn’t even human.


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