Samsung Launches The Freestyle, a Portable Screen for Entertainment


Samsung has announced the arrival of its new portable screen and entertainment device, The Freestyle, ahead of CES 2022. The Freestyle features groundbreaking technology and versatility to allow users to take video and music content with them wherever they go.

The Freestyle is a projector, smart speaker, and ambient lighting device all in one lightweight, a portable device targeted at Generation Z and millennials. The Freestyle is a projector that weighs only 830 grams, allowing you to transform any area into a screen with ease. Unlike traditional boxy projectors, the adaptable cradle on The Freestyle allows for 180-degree rotation, so users can show high-quality video virtually anywhere – including tables, floors, walls, or ceilings – without the need of a separate screen.

Simon Sung, Executive Vice President and Head of the Sales & Marketing Team of the Visual Display Business at Samsung, said, “The Freestyle is a one-of-a-kind projector that caters to consumers’ changing lifestyles.”

The Freestyle camera comes with industry-leading technology for full auto keystone and automatic leveling. The features enable the device to automatically change its screen to any surface at any angle, resulting in a picture that is perfectly proportional every time. Furthermore, Freestyle’s autofocus function allows it to display a crystal-clear image on any surface up to 100 inches big.

The Freestyle comes with a dual passive radiator, which allows for clean and deeper bass without distortion and sound radiation that provides customers with the same cinema-quality sound experience no matter where they are.

The Freestyle is powered by a regular E26 light socket, which can be found in most modern homes. It also doubles as a battery bank that may charge other devices when plugged into the computer or another wall outlet. The Freestyle is also the first portable screen to work when connected to an E262 light socket without requiring additional wiring, and it’s compatible with both the traditional wall plug option and USB-C PD output of 50W/20V or more (for charging).

The Freestyle is a smart speaker with two Ambient modes and a translucent lens cap that creates ambiance lighting when it isn’t used as a projector to beam content. The Freestyle is also a smart speaker that analyzes music to create visual effects that can be displayed on the wall, floors, and anywhere else using its ambient mode and translucent lens cap.

The Freestyle features Smart TV functions, such as streaming services and mirroring and casting capabilities that work with both Android and iOS mobile devices, making it the first portable projector to be certified by global major OTT partners. It is also the first projector to include far-field voice control, allowing consumers to use their device hands-free while changing channels or when the remote isn’t handy.

The Freestyle will be presented at CES 2022, which begins on January 5 and will run through January 7. A pre-order for the product will start in the United States on January 4, with other global markets following during the next months.

For additional information, including photos and videos of the devices, Samsung plans to reveal at CES 2022, visit our website Skook News.


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