How To Make A Video Collage From Your Photos


Video and photo collages display video and photo materials simultaneously. They usually include animations and effects as well. For example, a collage of video and photos could begin by showing a large-sized image, which shrinks as it gets closer to the edges of the display. Then other images are fading into. It can result in stunning videos or transitions that simultaneously include multiple photos and videos arranged into the video image.

Contrary to collage with video, pictures-in-picture effects don’t include animations or transitions. The pictures and videos they feature are reduced in size and placed to ensure that they’re all easily visible. If you cannot locate the perfect template for your specific project, you could build your collages. There’s no limit on how imaginative you can be. Combine as many images and videos as you like.

Have complete freedom of imagination when you use effects and animations to let your pictures come in from a distance or shrink them, zoom them in, and move them from one side on the screen and then the next. If you can think of that, you’ll be able to achieve it. Let us begin by showing you how to work with the templates that come with the software. We’ll then show you how to make your video collages.

Templates For Video Collages

Begin with one of the templates for video collages provided by the software.

First step: First, load the videos you wish to use for your collage in the application and sign in to the software. Now you will need to import your pictures and videos.

Second Step: Choose the template to use for your video collage. Then, choose the template you want to use for your video collage. Next, click on the Templates tab. Then, under “Design elements,” go-to “Collages Basic.” In closely reviewing the content on this page, you’ll observe that an identifying number identifies each template. The number indicates the number of images or videos the template can accommodate. Click on an image or template. A tiny box with three buttons will appear. Hit the centre (preview) button (preview) to view a photo of the design. A demonstration video will be played to demonstrate how the collage functions.

Third Step: Create your collage with video. Once you’ve selected a template you want to use, you can apply it to your pictures and videos. Hold down the mouse button, then transfer the design onto the file you want to use within your collage. The samples in your template should be substituted with your images and videos. Now you should be able to see your video collage on the preview screen after pressing the play button.

Custom Video Collages

Step 1: Create your video collage. In our case, we’d like to create a collage of videos consisting of eight videos. Drag all the videos you wish to incorporate into different tracks. Be sure that the videos are just above each other.

Step 2: Place the first image within your collage of videos. Let’s begin by putting the video on the initial track. The first step is to reduce it to create enough space for the remaining seven videos. After that, we have to place that video in the left upper corner of the frame. Next, change the video in the first track into solo mode by pressing the S button on the header to the left.

Step 3: Select the video on the path to choose it. The videos that are selected will be highlighted in yellow on the trail. Click any of the buttons within the preview monitor, and drag it towards the back until the image is smaller enough. Transfer the picture in a shrunken format to the desired position within your video collage.

Step 4: Add more images to your collage. Repeat as you did with your other videos and photos. Select solo mode on every track to view the video or the picture. The image will shrink in the preview screen and shift to the desired position within the collage video. After you’re done, you can turn off the solo mode. It should be possible to view all your videos or photos on the preview screen simultaneously.

Step 5: The next step is to arrange the video collage sequence. Finally, look at the way you would like for the order of pictures and videos you’ve created in your collage. The images aren’t usually displayed at the same time in video collages. Instead, they are displayed sequentially. Movie Studio makes it easy to show and hide photos and videos in any order.

Move all the pictures or videos to the desired starting and end locations in the track to make the sequence you want. If you wish to video clips to show in succession, they should be arranged in a series of stairs. The fresh image will be shown when the video is at an additional step on the staircase. There are other options for video collages.

There are various methods to come up with customized video collages. You can make the images animated or have them fly from behind, reduce them in size or zoom them in. It is also possible to include captions in your collages or videos and apply effects for borderlines to areas of the background that are black. There’s no limit on the creativity you can unleash with your video and photo collages.

Whether you need to create a collage with video by using effects or not, you can easily make them alive without spending any penny. You can use an online video editor that provides you with various effects, designs, and other features for free. However, if you are willing to use other effects to create a high-quality video collage, you can also use a paid version. It will give you more features.


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