What’s the Best Way to Record Online Lessons on PC/Android/iOS?


Online lessons gain significant popularity recently, especially during the COVID-19 epidemic period. The statistics show that there are over 1.2 billion scholars in 186 countries who are not able to attend classrooms due to the academy check. The unforeseen shift of lifestyle has brought a new trend of online tendency, which imposes influence on the education system and will develop to become on a larger scale. Some online literacy platforms including Udemy, BYJU ’S, and Skillshare are presently providing free services for students to extend their study, enabling them to have live classes online.

Still, numerous scholars can not attend the online courses in time. Those who have no means of attending courses at a proper time, they should really try capturing and recording online classes.

Keep reading and get some foolproof knowledge for recording online classes on PC and mobile efficiently in the following content.

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The Best Way to Record Online Classes on PC Totally Free

Next, we’d see the desirable way how to record online courses on a PC with the stylish choice iTop Screen Recorder. It’s a protean screen recording software that’s featured by flexible screen grabber, ultimate recording time, multiple affair formats, and HD videotape quality without watermarks. iTop Screen Recorder also allows you to record both videotape and sound contemporaneously. During the recording, you could indeed take a screenshot if you want.

In the following textbook, we will unfold a step-by-step tutorial on how to record online classes in high quality.

Step 1: Download, Install and Change Settings.

Download the archivist at its website and install the rearmost vision on your PC. For the best performance of videos, you can click the “ Recording Option” icon for the setting. You could configure the speaker, mic, mouse, webcam, storehouse position, videotape size, and audio formats according to your inclination. Before leaving the interface, don’t forget to click “ Save” to spark all the settings.

Step 2: Region Selection and Screen Recording.

Choose the area you want to record by clicking on “ Full Screen”, where you can activate a drop-down menu that gives you options of “ Full Screen”, “ Elect Window”, “ Elect Region”, or “ Fixed Aspect Ratio”. Then you can get started by clicking on the red “ REC” button. There will be a three-alternate preamble before recording. Pause, and the screenshot is able to be leveraged during the recording, You could find these options on the floating toolbar appearing on your screen.

Step 3: Save and Review

Click the red “ DONE” button or press the hotkey F9 to end the online class recording. Multiple affair formats are there for you to choose including MP4, AVI, FLV, MKV, MOV, TS, and indeed GIF. Your lecture videotape would be auto stored in your designated save position for a second view.

Still, you can also upload your online class recording on YouTube, If you’re a schoolteacher.


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