The Best Apps for Staying Informed: A Curated List of Top News Apps
Stay Informed Anytime, Anywhere: Top News Apps to Keep You Updated

The Best Apps for Staying Informed: A Curated List of Top News Apps in 2023

Staying up-to-date with the latest news and current events is crucial for being an informed citizen. While there are many news sources, the versatile convenience of news apps makes them an ideal choice for busy individuals looking to stay in the loop at all times.

This article will highlight the top news apps for 2023, exploring their key features and benefits for keeping users educated on the latest developments across politics, business, technology, entertainment and more from trustworthy publishers.

The Importance of Staying Informed

Consuming high-quality news coverage regularly is vital for understanding the world around us. The benefits of staying informed include:

  • Awareness of important local and global events that impact lives
  • Context for political, social, economic and cultural issues shaping society
  • Ability to engage intelligently in debates on major news stories
  • Information to make educated decisions at election time
  • Exposure to diverse perspectives beyond one’s own experience
  • Boost to general knowledge spanning topics like science, arts and international affairs

In the digital age, quality news coverage is abundantly available if you know where to look. Curating a list of go-to news apps makes accessing trustworthy information from a range of outlets effortless.

Types of News Apps

There are a few major varieties of news apps:

Individual Publication Apps: Apps created by specific newspaper/magazine brands like the New York Times or Washington Post to access their content.

Aggregator Apps: These aggregate news from many different sources into a single app for greater diversity. Examples include SmartNews, Flipboard and Google News.

Local News Apps: Apps with news and information focused on a specific metro area or region.

Subject-specific Apps: Specialty apps for particular topics like technology, finance, sports or entertainment news.

Audio News Apps: Platforms for listening to audio news content like podcasts and radio segments.

With this range of options, users can customize their perfect news lineup.

The Top News Apps for 2023

Based on ratings, reputation, and breadth of quality content offered, these news apps emerge as top recommendations for staying informed:

Overview Articles:

  • The New York Times: The Times’ app and website provide 24/7 reporting and analysis on politics, world news, business, technology, sports, arts and more.
  • BBC News: Get comprehensive international news coverage and UK-focused headlines from this trusted public news source.
  • The Washington Post: The Post is another premier news leader, known for politics coverage and investigative journalism.
  • Google News: Google’s aggregator app presents algorithmically curated headlines and full articles from diverse publications.


  • Bloomberg: Read business and market news reported in Bloomberg’s famously concise writing style.
  • Financial Times: Get the latest on global finance, economics, business, politics and more from this authoritative UK paper.


  • TechCrunch: The top destination for all the latest in tech and startups, with breaking news and insightful analysis.
  • WIRED: The magazine’s app features their award-winning coverage of technological innovation, science, and culture.

Local News:

  • Riverfront Times: For local St. Louis coverage across news, politics, dining and arts & culture.
  • Chicago Sun-Times: Stay on top of headlines about the Windy City from this storied paper.

Podcast Apps:

  • NPR One: NPR’s own curated playlist of news podcasts from their leading public radio programs.
  • Pocket Casts: A highly rated podcatcher for discovering, managing and listening to all your favorite podcasts in one app.

This selection of top-rated apps spans both major national outlets and niche category coverage so users can stay up to date on topics of interest easily. Relying on trusted legacy news brands ensures quality journalism.


Succeeding in today’s complex information landscape means proactively seeking out accurate, high-caliber reporting from respected news providers. The versatile convenience of news apps for smartphones and tablets makes it simple to incorporate reading top sources into even the busiest routine. Try out these recommended best-in-class options for accessing everything from breaking headlines to deep-dive features that empower you to stay a well-informed citizen.
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